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Estate Contract Mulching

Mulching of various types and sizes of sites belonging to private estates, to establish restocking sites, woodland rides and returning woodland areas to pasture or farmland.


KHL has been pioneering a different approach to mulching on estates for their ground preparation works. These sites vary from commercial harvesting sites to shoots and amenity areas and cover the full range of site conditions and mulching product/residues/stump densities and sizes.

Challenges / Notes / Innovations

Many estates have been used to mulching contractors who have carried out work that is often sub-standard and that serves very little purpose or value to restocking, in particular.

Sites that have been “skimmed over” are often very hard to plant or have raised stump tops and large debris that impedes or prevents maintenance by mechanical means. KHL has now developed and promoted a standardised, high-quality finish, that gives a specified standard of final finish for the landowner or managing agent.

The benefits of properly mulched sites are numerous and include:

  • 100% of the site area is now available for planting.
  • Planting and establishment costs are reduced.
  • Much higher take-up rates than planting into a non-mulched site.
  • Nutrients are released at a constant rate.
  • Harvesting ground damage was removed and site drainage improved.
  • Mulch is bound into the top layer of soil, not left on the surface (this inhibits start-up growth).
  • All future maintenance can now be mechanical.
  • Invasive plants were retarded.
  • Stumps removed to below ground and waste wood from harvesting removed – reducing potential pest habitat.
  • No cover left for rabbits or other destructive animals.