Stumps, stumps and more stumps.

There are very few companies in the UK today who can match the experience and expertise of Kingwell when it comes to stump removal and processing. From huge-scale projects involving tens of thousands of stumps, to single stumps in difficult access sites, we do it all.

With nearly four decades of de-stumping and processing behind us, we have developed the machinery and techniques to handle every type of de-stumping project. If your deadline is tight, we have the resources to cope. If your ground conditions are rocky or very soft, we have the custom-built equipment to get the job done. If your stumps have metal or other contamination in them, we can still shred them and if you need everything taken off site, we can process your stumps into biomass and often give you a credit for the material as well to offset against your costs.

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Destumping Plant Hire

Stump Grinding

This method is ideal when controlled removal is required and when only the stump itself needs removing.

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Excavator Tool Carriers

Our custom-made auger system can process large numbers of stumps on soft or rocky ground. The auger shaves the stumps into peelings that slowly degrade back into the soil. It has many advantages for commercial forestry applications.

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Excavate & Process

We operate primary (slow-speed) and horizontal shredders that process every type of stump into saleable end-products. Large volumes of stumps of any size, can easily be turned into biomass or other products like landscape cover, if required.

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Kingwell Services

Kingwell offer a comprehensive range of specialist services from site and tree clearance to contract forestry mulching and green waste shredding across the UK.


We can modify existing machinery to improve performance and reliability.

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Site & Tree Clearance

Trees, vegetation & stumps are all processed with our powerful and highly specialised equipment.

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Biomass Recovery

Our unique machinery can clear, recover and process all types of biomass material.

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From huge-scale projects to single stumps in difficult access sites, we do it all.

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Deep Rotovating

We break down and bury surface layers of mulch, and debris to a depth of 300mm.

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Deep Plough Contracting

Our ploughs offer a rapid solution for soil inversion works and are suited to ecology projects.

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Newt Fencing

Our fencing is designed and installed to maximize trapping and surveying periods.

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Invasive Species

Eradication of insect pests and all other invader species are easily and safely destroyed.

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Highly-portable on-site incinerators that burn at over 800 degrees, with less emissions.

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Plant Hire

At Kingwell we have a machine for everything, and if we don’t… we make it!

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UXO, ERW and De-Mining Operations.

Our armoured excavator is available for contract work throughout the UK and Europe.

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Past Projects

Interested in working with us? Find out more about our capabilities by viewing our past projects.

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