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Specialists In Mechanised Site Clearance & Tree Clearance

Site Clearance of Trees and Vegetation

With 38 years of successful working in the industry, Kingwell can deliver safe and efficient operations of all types of site clearance and vegetation management. Processing of trees, vegetation and stumps are all handled with our unique fleet of powerful and highly specialised equipment. This includes mulchers, shredders, forestry-protected excavators and a full range of attachments, such as tree shears, mulcher/flail heads, grapples and hydraulic stump splitters.

Efficient Site Clearance
With ever-increasing ecological, planning, and environmental controls, the efficient and legally compliant clearance of trees and vegetation is an operation that is essential to any project and one that should be given the highest priority to avoid unnecessary delays and additional costs. The whole Kingwell team have the knowledge, experience, and skills to ensure that every project, however complex, is delivered in the most efficient and compliant way. Our client-focussed approach is always to ensure the right end-result for our customers.

Skilled operators and Experienced Management
All our equipment is driven by experienced and qualified professional operators, who are safety-conscious and experienced in every type of work-site environment. Behind all this, is a client-focussed management team, that ensure we deliver outstanding results for our clients every time.

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Why Choose Kingwell?

Experienced Contractors

Kingwell Holdings have a combined experience of over 50 years in tree clearance throughout the UK. Our highly qualified and experienced team will ensure that your project is completed safely, on-time and to the very highest professional standards. There are very few issues that we have not encountered before and we have the knowledge and range of specialised equipment to overcome issues, without having to make our kit fit the task.

Mechanised Tree Clearance

Wherever possible, a mechanical method for tree clearance is always the safest and most efficient option on any site. Small trees are felled whole and larger trees can be dismantled, prior to being processed by mulcher, shredder or whole-tree chipper. After the tree has been removed, the stump can be excavated and mulched or shredded, or it can be stump ground in-situ. We specialise in processing stumps contaminated with metal, concrete and fencing. Where manual work is unavoidable, our qualified and skilled arborists are always on hand.

Biomass Extraction

With material recovery now being a viable alternative for many sites, we will always look to maximise any potential returns to clients for timber and biomass and where larger volumes of material are available, this can result in substantial credits back to clients.

Site Surveys & Applications

Our qualified Arboricultural Consultant can advise clients on the most appropriate methods for each individual site, as well as being able to conduct extensive tree surveys and inspections, prior to any works commencing. We are familiar with and fully comply with, all TPO and Felling Licence legislation.

Finished to the Highest Standards

Site finish is often overlooked when clearing sites and with many projects being affected by on-going ecology issues, choosing the correct site finish is now more important than ever. Our range of mulchers and rotovators can leave sites with no habitat potential and we can even incorporate mulched material, along with trees, stumps, and vegetation back into site soils if required. Our rotovators will work to a 300mm depth if required and can even turn hard pan, weed covered ground into finely milled high quality soil.

We come to you. A site visit is free of charge, whatever size or location of your project or worksite. We don’t expect you to take the risk of trying to guess the hazards, constraints, and options, so feel free to get in touch and make a date. We won’t waste your time or money.

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Machinery & Plant Hire

At Kingwell we have a machine for everything, and if we don’t…we make it! Our equipment inventory includes a number of innovations introduced to the industry by Kingwell.

Morbark Shredder

Our Morbark-tracked shredders are the perfect solution for tree surgery and forestry waste.

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One of the lowest cost per ton for processing a whole range of materials.

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Tracked Mulcher

Un-rivalled by any other method for processing speed and are highly mobile units.

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Tractor Mulcher

This machine is highly productive, and leaves a high-quality finish with large stumps.

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Excavator Mulcher

These are ideal for sites, where normal forestry mulchers cannot travel.

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Excavator Flails

Excavator mulchers make light work of jobs where a dedicated mulcher cannot work efficiently.

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Stump Grinders / Augers

Stumps can present significant problems when they have to be removed, we can help!

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Forestry Forwarder

Supplied with skilled operator, the forwarder is ideal for biomass extraction.

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Excavator Tool Carriers

Our range of purpose-built attachments can make the job safer and effective.

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