Rotochopper Shredder

UK Rotochopper Hire

Rotochopper B66T tracked chipper/grinder for trees, vegetation, stumps and brash. This machine will load walking-floors straight off the belt.

The Rotochopper B66T tracked horizontal processor gives one of the lowest cost per ton in the marketplace for processing a whole range of materials. Waste wood, C&D, green waste, logs and whole trees, as well as stumps, brash and general vegetation can all be processed into a consistent, even product. The machine is quickly changed between a grinder with carbide-hammers to a sharp-knife chipper on site and this enables different methods of processing to be carried out on the same day. This quick-change ability gives the customer the highest value returns for their end-product material.

With class-leading throughput and a wide range of screen sizes the machine will process whatever specification material you require and with the ability to load full-size walking-floor trucks in around 15 to 35 minutes (depending on material type) straight off the conveyor, profits are maximised, without having to handle material more than once.

Unlike a conventional truck, tractor or forwarder-mounted chipper, the Rotochopper B66T can cope with soil, stone and metal contamination, without serious damage. It is also equipped with two magnets on the output conveyor, to remove metal from the end-product and in the event of a serious metal or hard-object strike, the screen-deck and anvil instantly fold away to minimise any damage to the cutter mill screens and rotor components. This gives the ability to process material from rail, construction and waste yards, with the confidence that contamination is not going to cause catastrophic damage and repair costs.

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A highly mobile piece of equipment

The Rotochopper B66T is track-mounted for total site mobility and will process from stockpiles, or as a semi-mobile unit travelling through a site. With the ability to be loaded by loading shovel, tele-handler, excavator or forwarder, this gives a highly flexible processing solution for every type of worksite.

Available throughout the UK and Ireland as hired-in plant, fixed-price per ton, job lump-sum price or on a material profit-share basis, Kingwell have the right solution for you.

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Machinery & Plant Hire

At Kingwell we have a machine for everything, and if we don’t…we make it! Our equipment inventory includes a number of innovations introduced to the industry by Kingwell.

Morbark Shredder

Our Morbark-tracked shredders are the perfect solution for tree surgery and forestry waste.

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One of the lowest cost per ton for processing a whole range of materials.

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Tracked Mulcher

Un-rivalled by any other method for processing speed and are highly mobile units.

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Tractor Mulcher

This machine is highly productive, and leaves a high-quality finish with large stumps.

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Excavator Mulcher

These are ideal for sites, where normal forestry mulchers cannot travel.

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Excavator Flails

Excavator mulchers make light work of jobs where a dedicated mulcher cannot work efficiently.

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Stump Grinders / Augers

Stumps can present significant problems when they have to be removed, we can help!

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Forestry Forwarder

Supplied with skilled operator, the forwarder is ideal for biomass extraction.

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Excavator Tool Carriers

Our range of purpose-built attachments can make the job safer and effective.

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