Invasive Species

Emergency High-Temperature Incineration

Kingwell holds the forestry commission tree health framework agreement for emergency high-temperature tree and vegetation incineration for England and Wales.

Our mobile incinerators all burn well above the 800 degrees centigrade, required for total pathogen destruction and will safely reduce organic material by 95%.

We are experienced specialists in the fields listed below and can rapidly deploy emergency resources for removal and destruction work, throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide.

We are able to work closely with government agencies and military, to ensure safe and efficient deployment of resources to any required theatre. Our security-cleared and confidential staff are experienced with sensitive and confidential operations.

Invasive species destruction such as rhododendron, japanese knotweed, giant hogweed, himalayan balsam, etc. As well as all forms of phytophthora, fire-blight and all other plant pathogens.

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Invasive Vegetation

Japanese Knotweed

No access for trucks to remove contaminated material. Working with llynch rail to safely incinerate contaminated vegetation and knotweed material from stockpiled ballast. After the surface vegetation has been incinerated, using a mobile micro incinerator at over 1000 degrees centigrade, a secondary operation to burn the screened arisings from the stockpiled material will then be carried out – all with no material movements on or off site.

Rhododendron with Phytophthora Eradication

Large-scale high-temperature incineration of material at clyne valley – a remote inaccessible site in south wales. Difficult and steep site access meant that the only way to safely eliminate huge volumes of material, was by using two large mobile air burners, fed by a 20-ton sized excavator. Despite soaking wet vegetation and bad weather conditions, imported wood waste was successfully used to burn the material – much of which was baled, using a forestry brash baler, mounted on an 8wd forwarder.

High Temperature Burning of Invasive Gorse

Open public access on this common land meant that the local council decided that only a mobile airburner (high temperature incinerator) was suitable for the safe disposal of large volumes of invasive gorse. This safe, controlled burning process enabled continuous burning, whilst giving safe public access to the common, during the works and with no nuisance caused by smoke or dust to nearby housing, the main road running alongside the site or the adjacent industrial estate.

Asian Wasp Gall (AGW)

Kingwell were called in to process large volumes of infested material from an outbreak in kent. Due to the adjacent m25 and nearby crops, it was decided to destroy the wasp galls in the vegetation, using one of our rt400 forestry mulchers. A quick test confirmed that this method completely destroyed the galls and eliminated the mass breeding and emergence of millions of new gall wasps into the surrounding countryside. Agw infestation is another code red species that must be prevented from entering and spreading across the uk, if irreparable damage to uk timber stocks is to be prevented.

Mobile Air Curtain Incinerators

Our incinerators can deal with the following scenarios:

Insects & Pest Eradication
Insect pests such as the Oak Processionary Moth, Asian Long-horned Beetle and all other foreign invader species are easily and safely destroyed.

Carcass Disposal
Fallen animal destruction after natural disasters, such as flooding, cyclone, fire, or earthquakes.

Animal Incineration
Animal disease outbreak, such as foot and mouth disease, all forms of swine fever, and all other animal-to-human health risk scenarios.

Post-conflict and natural disaster clear-up works, including human disease outbreak emergency incineration.

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Kingwell Services

Kingwell offer a comprehensive range of specialist services from site and tree clearance to contract forestry mulching and green waste shredding across the UK.


We can modify existing machinery to improve performance and reliability.

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Site & Tree Clearance

Trees, vegetation & stumps are all processed with our powerful and highly specialised equipment.

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Biomass Recovery

Our unique machinery can clear, recover and process all types of biomass material.

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From huge-scale projects to single stumps in difficult access sites, we do it all.

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Deep Rotovating

We break down and bury surface layers of mulch, and debris to a depth of 300mm.

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Deep Plough Contracting

Our ploughs offer a rapid solution for soil inversion works and are suited to ecology projects.

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Newt Fencing

Our fencing is designed and installed to maximize trapping and surveying periods.

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Invasive Species

Eradication of insect pests and all other invader species are easily and safely destroyed.

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Highly-portable on-site incinerators that burn at over 800 degrees, with less emissions.

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Plant Hire

At Kingwell we have a machine for everything, and if we don’t… we make it!

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UXO, ERW and De-Mining Operations.

Our armoured excavator is available for contract work throughout the UK and Europe.

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Past Projects

Interested in working with us? Find out more about our capabilities by viewing our past projects.

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