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Across the UK, the Kingwell name is synonymous with mulching.

We bought our first purpose-built AHWI RT350 tracked mulcher in 1998 and since then, we have become the stand-out leader in the mulching industry. As well as operating the largest fleet of mulching equipment in the country, our extensive engineering capabilities have enabled us to modify existing machinery to improve performance and reliability when compared to standard equipment, as well as building complete bespoke mulching machines – based on heavily modified excavator base units.

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Our extensive range of machinery includes the following equipment...

Large tracked purpose-built mulchers

AHWI/Prinoth RT400 tracked mulchers. The 400hp RT400 is the industry benchmark dedicated mulcher design, and it delivers a combination of immense power, combined with an all-terrain capability and the capability of leaving a superb end finish, regardless of the type of material. Trees and stumps of unlimited size are effortlessly dealt with and with a super-duty fixed tooth mulching head, the machine will level off ruts and brash mats after clear-felling operations. Soil, stones, wet ground and deep brash on sites are no problem for this machine and with area rates on clear-fell of between 0.75 and 1.2ha per shift (depending on debris levels and site conditions), it makes mulching restock and site clearance operations highly cost effective.

Metal tracks and compact dimensions enable operations on most terrain types and the machine will work efficiently on open sites as well as in standing woodland if required.

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Small tracked purpose-built mulchers

CAT 299-D2 XHP skid-steer compact loader-based tracked mulcher. This 130hp machine is capable of mulching material up to 18” diameter and will reach up to rapidly deal with standing trees and vegetation. It is ideal for smaller material on large areas, and it will cover ground very quickly, when compared to tractors or larger purpose-built machines. It can turn in its own length, as well as coping with rough and uneven terrain, it safely operates on slopes and soft ground. Equipped with metal tracks and a fixed-tooth mulcher head, the machine is not affected by site contamination and will leave a quality end finish.

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Excavator power pack mulchers

We operate a range of these machines with power outputs of between 400hp and 530hp. Powerpack machines are ideal for standing trees and vegetation, Rhododendron clearance in existing woodland, environmentally sensitive sites such as SSSI and bog or heathland restoration work. We have machines with LGP tracks for soft areas, as well as fully forestry-guarded units for aggressive rocky and uneven terrain. Generally equipped with fixed-tooth mulcher heads, these machines will cope with stumps, stones and soil and will also leave an excellent end finish.

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Excavator mulchers

Our excavator mulchers are based on 20-to-30-ton excavators and are equipped with swinging-hammer mulcher heads and additional hydraulic power. Fully forestry guarded, these machines are ideal for clearing vegetation on brownfield or industrial sites, where foreign objects or concrete are present. The swinging-hammer mulcher design is impervious to damage from striking hard objects as the hammers are on shafts that enable the tool to fold out of the way as it strikes a hard object. These machines will still leave an excellent end finish and can be used as part of a range of attachments on the same excavator base unit to enable other operations to be carried out by the same machine.

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Tractor mulchers

We have a range of tractor-mounted mulchers that are suitable for smaller vegetation and trees/stumps. If site conditions are suitable, these machines will cover large areas of ground efficiently and can make cost savings when moving between sites. Tractors are not suitable for ground where debris will cause punctures or when terrain is uneven or soft.

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Kingwell Services

Kingwell offer a comprehensive range of specialist services from site and tree clearance to contract forestry mulching and green waste shredding across the UK.


We can modify existing machinery to improve performance and reliability.

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Site & Tree Clearance

Trees, vegetation & stumps are all processed with our powerful and highly specialised equipment.

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Biomass Recovery

Our unique machinery can clear, recover and process all types of biomass material.

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From huge-scale projects to single stumps in difficult access sites, we do it all.

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Deep Rotovating

We break down and bury surface layers of mulch, and debris to a depth of 300mm.

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Deep Plough Contracting

Our ploughs offer a rapid solution for soil inversion works and are suited to ecology projects.

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Newt Fencing

Our fencing is designed and installed to maximize trapping and surveying periods.

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Invasive Species

Eradication of insect pests and all other invader species are easily and safely destroyed.

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Highly-portable on-site incinerators that burn at over 800 degrees, with less emissions.

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Plant Hire

At Kingwell we have a machine for everything, and if we don’t… we make it!

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Past Projects

Interested in working with us? Find out more about our capabilities by viewing our past projects.

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