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Poland Storm Clearance

Mulching of large areas of damaged forest, across numerous sites in Poland, to enable clearance of wrecked sites and re-establishment of new crops.


KHL deployed two mulchers (RT350 and RT400), along with support equipment, vehicles, mechanics and tractor and trailer for inter-site moves to the State Forestry Department to mulch destroyed juvenile crops, harvested sites and windblown trees and stumps and large areas of Polish forests after the devastating storms the year before.

Challenges / Notes / Innovations

KHL opened Kingwell Polska SPZOO and trained and employed Polish nationals to operate the machinery and carry out the works, whilst maintaining a full-time manager, interpreter and business manager to run the long-term contract.

Polish forests are huge and worksites are often remote, which coupled with the logistics issues of trying to source large volumes of diesel fuel, accommodation and engineering supplies required to maintain the equipment, as well as moving equipment large distances on forestry roads, gave the team significant daily challenges.

Environmental and wildlife protection issues are paramount in Poland and strict control by the authorities was a daily occurrence. Despite all this, the contract was completed efficiently and to the great satisfaction of all parties and stakeholders, to the extent that we were then deployed on various road schemes across the country, clearing stumps and harvesting residues from the clearance works ahead of us.