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Romania Swine Flu Outbreak

Kingwell were asked to rapidly deploy major incineration resources to several areas in Romania, to help try and control the spread of an outbreak of swine flu.


Millions of diseased animals had to be destroyed and incinerated around the clock, to try and stem the spread of the disease.

Challenges / Notes / Innovations

Emergency deployment of resources to another country is an extremely difficult and complex operation, involving multiple border crossings, transport and logistic challenges and an extremely hazardous working environment for operatives on the ground. KHL was able to overcome these issues and delivered resources to theatre in record time, thereby assisting the client in stemming the outbreak.

Kingwell were able to supply multiple air-curtain mobile incinerators and operating crews to theatre in a very short time-frame. Worksite temperatures of approaching 40 degrees Centigrade and dealing with large volumes of diseased, dead and decaying animals, whilst maintaining operative and overall safety and welfare presented KHL with a new set of challenges, but despite this, the emergency targets were achieved and the work was safely delivered.