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Southall Waterside

The site at Southall had severe restrictions on truck movements in and out of site and as such, all processed material had to be disposed of on-site.


KHL deployed a specialist forestry excavator and slow-speed shredder to deal with the trees and vegetation, as all of the material was heavily contaminated with metal from fencing. Trees and stumps were shredded and the metal was separated for recycling from the material, using the powerful magnet on the shredder discharge conveyor. The shredded material was then composted on-site for use by the landscape teams, once the housing phase was completed.

Stumps near protected structures (Victorian walls) and services were ground in-situ, using both our power-pack excavator-mounted stump grinder or our smaller tracked pedestrian stump grinder, as required.

Japanese Knotweed was excavated, separated, and incinerated in situ, using one of our Burnwell micro incinerators.

Challenges / Notes / Innovations

Innovative and technically superior KHL engineering solutions provided the client with a perfect process for every stage of the operation. Not a single movement of material (apart from the metal for recycling), was removed from site and the scheme was delivered ahead of schedule and without incident.

All works were fully approved and supervised by the EA and despite the proximity to a major watercourse, no changes were required to our original proposed methodology.