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A617 M1 to Mansfield Improvement

Relatively small-scale for a road clearance, this project presented significant challenges, due to close proximity to roads, throughout the worksite, continuous problems with site security and vandalism, and exacting protected species measures, that slowed down clearance works.


KHL worked closely with Tilhill, to schedule all clearance works in the most efficient way, despite a very disjointed works program and challenging site conditions. Despite this, the KHL fleet of machinery safely and efficiently delivered the scheme ahead of schedule.

Challenges / Notes / Innovations

This scheme was an early example of how deploying effective site security can play a critical part in preventing acts of vandalism, theft, and sabotage, that could cause major disruption and pollution incidents.

All potential habitat was removed, using tracked forestry mulchers and despite continuous attempted attacks on vehicles and forestry plant by vandals and thieves, no safety or environmental incidents took place.