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A14 Widening – Stump Removal & Clearance

Bulk stump processing of stumps remaining after the tree and vegetation clearance.


Multiple sites across the whole project area, involving the excavation and processing of stumps in the ground, as well as sorting, cleaning, and processing of stumps excavated during the earthworks phase.

KHL deployed their specialist Hyundai HX260 HW excavator to de-stump large areas of the site and an RT400 tracked mulcher to process the material into a fine granular compost-type product, suitable for soil incorporation into the site soils.

The work also involved processing mulched material from other contractors into a finer product, so that it could be blended with site soils.

Challenges / Notes / Innovations

Work areas next to very busy main roads, restricted working areas, access issues and poor weather were all factors to be managed and KHL provided the client with safe systems of work to enable all operations to continue without delay or interruption.

KHL’s highly-specialist equipment gives advantages to clients, not offered by many other contractors. These include additional safety features such as all-around radar hazard detection on excavators, enhanced vision aids on mulchers, and modifications to equipment, to lower the risk of thrown objects from processing operations.

KHL equipment often outperforms other machinery of a similar type and the 30-year history of KHL in the Major Project construction sector, gives clients the benefit of this experience. KHL operates to the very highest levels of safety and clients can bring our equipment onto their sites, with complete peace of mind.