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Birmingham M6 Toll – Stump Grinding

KHL deployed their 525hp excavator-mounted stump grinder to grind out all tree stumps from the site clearance works.


The M6 Toll was a huge scheme for the time and involved vast numbers of trees to be felled. NWWI were already using mobile shredders to process excavated stumps, but progress was slow.

Challenges / Notes / Innovations

Despite a worksite that extended to ???? miles long, the KHL stump grinder successfully removed thousands of stumps along the length of the scheme. This work was carried out using just one machine and operator and was completed so fast, that it caught up the clearance works, that had started over a year previously.

This method, of using very powerful stump grinding machinery, proved that in-ground stump grinding was a viable and cost-effective alternative to excavating and processing large numbers of stumps.