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A120 M11 De-Vegetation

KHL priced and delivered an extensive de-vegetation scheme across the open countryside.


This was another early example of KHL deploying brand new technology to a major road scheme, including mulchers, forestry excavators, and a unique 525hp excavator-mounted stump grinder, built by KHL.

Challenges / Notes / Innovations

After a long period of working with the client, to demonstrate that new mechanical methods would be the best way to deliver this type of scheme, KHL bought in a small team of men and machines to successfully complete the works, well ahead of schedule.

Open countryside and multiple watercourses and road crossings were dealt with in a sympathetic and efficient way by installing temporary pipe crossings for plant and surface protection measures to keep retained surfaces intact.

Large volumes of mature trees were successfully recycled into the sawmilling markets and all remaining material was mulched into the site soils, removing any potential habitat.

Stumps were completely ground out, using the excavator grinder and as the road was to be built on stabilised ground, soil disturbance had to be kept to a minimum.

This early project formed a long-standing and highly successful relationship between Balfour Beatty and KHL, that endured for many years and opened up the minds of many people to exactly what could be achieved, using a determined and innovative contractor, who had the skills and experience to safely deliver challenging projects of this type, well into the future.